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Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance provides protection during your stay in Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Australia in case of illness, medical evacuation, theft of your luggage or loss of your passport. This is according to the options we provide you with.

When does my insurance coverage begin?

Your insurance is valid from the date of departure as shown on your airline ticket until your return to your place of residence.

In case of illness, which hospital can I go to?

Your travel insurance is recognized by all accredited hospitals in the host country as well as by specialized medical practices.

Are medical expenses fully or partially covered?

Your travel insurance covers all medical expenses as well as the cost of medical treatment.

repatriation, medical evacuation and burial costs in the event of death.

Travel Health Insurance – Highlights

  • Coverage of costs for medically necessary treatment abroad and medically necessary return transportation to the home city with a deductible.
  • Rescue costs up to 5,000.00 EUR Checks after a waiting period of 6 months for the early detection of cancer, 200.00 EUR per insurance year
  • Medical check-ups for children per insurance year 100%.
  • Psychoanalytical and therapeutic treatments up to 10 sessions per insurance year EUR 2,000.00
  • Sickness visit up to 10 nights in a hotel 2 500,00 EUR
  • Hotel accommodation for travel companions for a maximum of 10 days 1 000,00 EUR
  • First purchase of 100% dentures after a waiting period of 6 months with 80% of the invoice amount reimbursed in the first two insurance years, a total of EUR 1,000.00 for the two insurance years EUR 1,500.00 per additional insurance year
  • Reimbursement of the cost of medically prescribed aids following an accident
  • Reimbursement of dental costs following an accident (max. 2.000,00 EUR)
  • Allowance for hospital treatment for a maximum of 14 days, EUR 50.00 per day
  • Expense allowance for outpatient treatment once 25,00 EUR
  • Alternatively, daily hospitalisation allowance for a maximum of 30 days, EUR 75.00 per day
  • Visual aids 200,00 EUR
  • The general deductible is 25,00 EUR