Powertec PTZPT11-DUO H11 Platinum Bulb 12V 55W


Powertec PTZPT11-DUO PlatinumHalogen Bulbs Car Lamps
Type: H11
Application: headlights, fog lights with H11 socket
Base: PGJ19-2
Approval: CE
Power: 55W
Voltage: 12V

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Powertec PTZPT11-DUO H11 Platinum Bulb 12V 55W

Find below all the important information of Powertec PTZPT11-DUO H11 Platinum bulb 12V 55W.

The PowerTec Super White lamp guarantees up to 130% more light on the road than conventional halogen lamps.

An applied blue coating does not lead to a decrease in the quality or quantity of the emitted light.

Thanks to this, we get a perfect white color effect, which is less tiring for the driver’s vision.

The traffic signs and lines on the road are more visible.

With the elongated light beam, you can detect obstacles faster and thus increase safety on the road.

-Designed excellent focal length
– Solid filament construction
-rich gas mixture
-UV protection
– From quartz
-Tempered steel base
-Stylish DUO packing

Type: H11
Socket: PGJ19-2
Approval: E4
Power: 55W
Voltage: 12V
Symbol: PTZPT11-DUO

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm


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