M-TECH D1S 8000K Xenon Brenner 35W ZHCD1S8


M-TECH D1S Xenon Bulb 8000K
Power: 35W
Voltage: 12/24V
Type: D2S
Socket: PK32d-2
Color: 8000K
Approval: None
Application: Headlamp with D1S Xenon socket suitable

M-TECH Deutschland Autolampen, Xenon, LED

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M-TECH D1S 8000K Xenon Bulb 35W ZHCD1S8

Find below all the important information of M-TECH D1S 8000K Xenon Bulb 35W ZHCD1S8.
D1S Xenon Bulbs 35W 8000K M-TECH Basic are the gas discharge bulbs used for low and high beam.

For the operation of the gas discharge lamps a control unit (EVG = electronic ballast) is needed, so that the gas discharge lamp can be used on motor vehicles in road traffic, but the known slow light start-up must be accelerated.

Replace xenon bulb

Changing the xenon bulb always depends on the vehicle type or headlight type.

Xenon burner consists of different grades and bases: D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D3R, D4S, D4R, D6S, D8S and DLS.

The powerful automotive lamp with efficient xenon technology provides improved visibility on the road: up to 200% more brightness compared to the minimum legal requirements.

More light makes it possible to see further and therefore react faster. In addition, the light cone is up to 250 m long and up to 20% whiter than the minimum legal requirements specify.

M-TECH HID Basic Burner

Hardened quartz glass was used for production, and together with the noble gas mixture, it prolongs the life of the bulb. The product is compatible with all vehicles that have a HID installation.
All M-Tech products have a good price/performance ratio.

In our offer you can find M-TECH burners between 4300K and 12 000K.


D1S Xenon Bulb 8000K
Power: 35W
Voltage: 12/24V
Type: D2S
Color: 8000K
Approval: None

The D stands for the English word for discharge, while the digit after the D indicates the version.

The S at the end means that it is a torch with a clear glass bulb for use in a projector headlamp. But the letter R at the end indicates torches with an opaque imprint on the glass bulb, which are suitable for use in reflector headlamps.

D1S xenon bulb 35W 12000K M-TECH Basic with other color temperatures 4300K, 5500K, 6000K, 8000K and DLS buy cheap.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm



At the centre of the current brand group, under the umbrella of a leading M-Tech, is the one-man M-Tech company that has been on the market since 2004. The company started its activity in the field of consumer electronics, imported directly from China by its founder, the current Vice President - Michał Jachowicz. Currently, M-Tech Poland sp.z o.o. is a group with its own brands in its portfolio: M-Tech, Powertec, Roadteq, Growspec and distributing products from companies such as Osram and Philips, focusing heavily on lighting for the automotive industry. The company's greatest success in the lighting sector has been in LED technology. In addition to the above brands and products from two of the world's leading manufacturers, we offer our partners goods that are individually tailored to their own brands. The customer portfolio includes European market leaders in the aftermarket segment - members of the ATR, AD International and Temot groups.
M-TECH Deutschland Autolampen, Xenon, LED


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