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Toyota is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world and employs around 360,000 people.

The brand stands for solid and reliable technology in everyday cars, but also for the breakthrough of hybrid technology.

In the early 1990s, the Toyota Prius was the first hybrid vehicle.

Today, Toyota is also one of the few manufacturers to offer a production vehicle with fuel cell technology, the Mirai.

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Fast small car with three or five doors. Identical to the Peugeot 107, 108 and Citroen C1 in primary parts.

Development and production of the micro cars together with the French PSA group. Joint production in a plant in the Czech Republic.

Land Cruiser J7/J9/J12/J15

Toyota has been building the Land Cruiser off-road vehicle since 1951, which, alongside the Mercedes G-Class, the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender, is one of the classic off-road vehicles.

As with the Toyota Hilux pick-up, an expedition with the Land Cruiser has already reached the North Pole.


The Hilux is a veteran among off-road vehicles, but all-wheel drive is only available as an option.

The pick-up was launched in 1968 and is now in its eighth generation.

In Germany, the Hilux is mainly used by farmers, craftsmen and on construction sites, in other countries it is also a popular military vehicle.

However, numerous deployments in armed conflicts also scratch the image of the off-roader: the border conflict between Libya and Chad in 1987 is even referred to as the Toyota War.

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