1x D1R Xenon Bulb 35W OSRAM XENARC 66154

Xenon light

Xenon light for your vehicle

The technology produces a bright white light with bluish-coated lamps. The required high voltage for this is supplied by a ballast on the lamp.

The most important sockets used in Germany are the D1R, D1S, D2R, D2S, D3R, D3S, D4R, D4S and D8S. The light output ranges from 4200 Kelvin to the maximum legally permitted 6000K.

Xenon light in motor vehicles refers to the use of a xenon gas discharge lamp in the low beam or high beam.

The installation and use of xenon headlamps is generally permitted if an automatic headlamp levelling system, a headlamp cleaning system and a ballast and ignition unit are also installed.

The generations are very different. D1 and D3 lamps have an integrated ballast. D2 lamps consist only of the capped bulb and have no external glass protection bulb around the discharge tube.

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