Powertec PTZPTHB4-DUO HB4 Platinum Bulb 12V 55W

HB4 Bulb P22d (9006)

However, there are certain deviations in the P22D base. Instead of two lugs as in the base of the HB3, there is only one lug in the plastic base of the HB4 bulb. The HB4 has a light output of 51 watts at 12 volts.

HB4 bulbs are used in low beam, high beam, fog light or auxiliary light.

Bulbs are ECE-certified. You will find the following designations for the base:

T = Miniature bulb base
R = bulb with a lamp diameter of 19 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
P = incandescent lamp with a maximum lamp diameter of 26.5 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
W = incandescent lamp with a glass base
H = halogen lamp
Y = orange-coloured filament lamp
P = flat base
BA = pin base
BAY = one of the pins present differs in height from the other pins
Baz = the pins are different in radius as well as in height
SV = the lamp has two caps
E = base with thread
W = glass base

Furthermore, the letters “s” denote one contact, “d” two contacts, “t” three contacts, “q” four contacts, and “p” five contacts.

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