H9 Bulb (PGJ19-5)

H9 bulbs are used for parking lights, high beams, fog lights, headlights. H9 halogen headlight bulbs for passenger cars.

bulbs are ECE-certified. You will find the following designations for the base:

T = Miniature bulb base
R = bulb with a lamp diameter of 19 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
P = incandescent lamp with a maximum lamp diameter of 26.5 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
W = incandescent lamp with a glass base
H = halogen lamp
Y = orange-coloured filament lamp
P = flat base
BA = pin base
BAY = one of the pins present differs in height from the other pins
Baz = the pins are different in radius as well as in height
SV = the lamp has two caps
E = base with thread
W = glass base

Furthermore, the letters “s” denote one contact, “d” two contacts, “t” three contacts, “q” four contacts, and “p” five contacts.