H4 Bulb (P43t)

The H4 bulb (P43t) can provide both high beam and low beam when in use. However, the low beam may become slightly weaker when the high beam is used.

The wattage is legally prescribed at 60 watts for the low beam and 55 watts for the high beam.

H4 100 watt bulbs are prohibited! A maximum luminous flux of 1000 lumens with a tolerance of 100 lumens is permitted by law.

The designations on the base or translated comprehensibly from the operating instructions are:

H1 = Standard low beam or high beam (Philips H1).
H3 = Standard vehicle lighting
H4 = Car halogen lamp H4 for standard low beam or high beam with double beam
H7 = standard low beam or high beam with 12 V/55 Watt
H6 = protruding pin at base
T4W/R5W = for instrument panel illumination
P21W/P21YW = indicator light for white, transparent or orange indicator lenses
W1 – W 5 W = indicator lights on the dashboard of the vehicle