H15 Bulb (PGJ23t-1)

The H15 bulb PGJ23t-1 belongs to the combined car lamps. It is still relatively new and, as a headlight bulb, includes the lighting functions of high beam and daytime running light in one bulb.

The designations on the base or translated comprehensibly from the operating instructions are:

H1 = Standard low beam or high beam (Philips H1).
H3 = Standard vehicle lighting
H4 = Car halogen lamp H4 for standard low beam or high beam with double beam
H7 = standard low beam or high beam with 12 V/55 Watt
H6 = protruding pin at base
T4W/R5W = for instrument panel illumination
P21W/P21YW = indicator light for white, transparent or orange indicator lenses
W1 – W 5 W = indicator lights on the dashboard of the vehicle