H1 Bulb (P14,5)

The H1 bulb is a single-filament halogen bulb. It fits with its socket in a P14.5 plug-in base.

Incandescent lamps

Simple bulbs for motor vehicles are mounted on the entire vehicle.
In classic cars, incandescent lamps are still used in the main headlights. Otherwise, incandescent lamps are used in turn signals, tail lights, daytime running lights, number plate lighting or brake lights.

Incandescent lamps do not have a screw base like standard household bulbs, but a glass base with pins, a bayonet base or are fitted with a soffit. You also have to pay attention to whether you need a bulb with one or two filaments.

The functionality of an automotive bulb can still be checked in the sealed package.

Check that the filaments are intact before you tear open the package. Light bulbs are ECE certified. You will find the following designations for the base:

T = Miniature bulb base
R = bulb with a lamp diameter of 19 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
P = incandescent lamp with a maximum lamp diameter of 26.5 mm and a base diameter of 15 mm
W = incandescent lamp with a glass base
H = halogen lamp
Y = orange-coloured filament lamp
P = flat base
BA = pin base
BAY = one of the existing pins differs in height from the other pins
Baz = the pins are different in radius as well as in height
SV = the lamp has two caps
E = base with thread
W = glass base