1x D4S 6000K Xenon Bulb 35W M-TECH Premium ZMD4S6

D4S Xenon (P32D-5)

D4S Xenon (P32D-5) for your vehicle

D4S Xenon (P32D-5) is suitable for xenon burners for headlights with reflector system.
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D4S xenon bulb 35W 4300K-12000K headlight bulbs.

There are two fundamentally different types of headlamps with xenon technology, one is the reflector headlamp and the other is the lens headlamp.
The D2R is a xenon bulb for reflectors. D2 describes the type of connection.

Low beam and high beam are produced in such a way that the light emission is limited at the top by operating a hinged cover.

This means that by simply swivelling this flap upwards, high beam is produced and by swivelling this flap back downwards, low beam is produced.

A xenon system usually delivers 3,200 lumens ± 10 % and a colour temperature of about 4,100 to 5,000 Kelvin, depending on the type of lamp.

When the light is switched on, a strong blue light is produced for about 2-5 seconds, which changes to a whiter tone.

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