1x D2S DUO +130% Xenon Bulb Powertec Platinum PTZPTD2S-DUO

D2S Xenon (P32d-2)

D2S Xenon (P32d-2) for your vehicle

D2S Xenon (P32d-2) is suitable for xenon burners for headlights with reflector system.
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D2S xenon bulb 35W 4300K-12000K headlight bulbs.

There are two fundamentally different types of headlamps with xenon technology, one is the reflector headlamp and the other is the lens headlamp. The D2R is a xenon bulb for reflectors. D2 describes the type of connection.

Low beam and high beam are produced in such a way that the light emission is limited at the top by operating a hinged cover.

This means that by simply swivelling this flap upwards, high beam is produced and by swivelling this flap back downwards, low beam is produced.

The advertising term is bi-xenon because xenon light refers to both light functions. If there are two lamp sockets in a headlamp, the low beam is usually produced by a xenon lamp and the high beam by a halogen lamp.

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