Battery VARTA LA95 Professional AGM 95Ah

AGM batteries

An AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery is an advanced lead-acid battery. The technology is based on an absorbent glass nonwoven, the electrolyte is completely bound in it and acts as an electrical conductor.

The electrolyte is sulfuric acid diluted with water. The mat of micro-glass fibers absorbs the battery acid, holds it like a sponge, and ensures continuous contact between the plates and the electrolyte, thus ensuring cycle stability.

The advanced technology provides high efficiency, safety and longer life than other lead-acid batteries.

Why are VRLA batteries maintenance-free?

When charging and discharging lead-acid batteries, hydrogen is produced, which leaks out over time in classic wet batteries and makes it necessary to refill them with distilled water. In VRLA batteries, the hydrogen produced is recombined internally, there are no openings for refilling and the accumulators are therefore maintenance-free.
Charge capacity and battery life

The larger the capacity, the larger the design and the higher the purchase price. The charge capacity indicates the amount of electrical charge stored according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The specification is given as nominal capacity in ampere-hours (Ah). For example, a 12V lead-acid battery with a capacity of 75 Ah can supply current of 5 amps for 15 hours (15 h x 5 A = 75 amp-hours). AGM batteries may be discharged to around 50 to 80 percent without losing capacity through harmful deep discharge. Especially popular is the AGM battery with a capacity of 100Ah and 120Ah.

The number of charge-discharge cycles indicates the service life. For conventional wet batteries, this is less than 400 cycles, while high-quality AGM batteries achieve around 1,000 cycles at 50 percent discharge. The batteries can withstand discharges of up to 80 percent without any problems.
The advantages of 12V batteries with AGM technology

Compared to 12V wet batteries, the advanced accumulators achieve three times the number of charging cycles. The performance advantage is one of the most important criteria for the purchase. With their long service life, strong performance and high safety, they are the right choice for numerous application options. While 12V- wet batteries should only be discharged to 50 percent, you can use the capacity of the AGM battery 100Ah 12V up to 80 percent without damaging it by deep discharge.

Compared to 12V gel batteries, 12V AGM batteries have lower internal resistance and can deliver large amounts of current in short time intervals. Therefore, they are suitable, for example, as a starter battery in the car. Conventional gel batteries are designed for operation as supply batteries. The number of cycles of gel batteries is about 500 cycles, AGM batteries reach twice the number of cycles and are faster rechargeable.

Compared to 12V lithium-ion batteries, the cycle life is lower, the self-discharge is higher, the usable capacity is lower and the weight is higher. As a storage battery in motorhomes and boats, lithium batteries are the ideal choice.

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