The exhaust system has the task of cleaning the exhaust gases flowing out of the engine’s cylinders, damping the sound generated by the outflowing exhaust gases, and discharging the exhaust gases into the open air at a suitable point.

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The exhaust system combines the exhaust gases flowing from the cylinders and cleans them of pollutants.
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The exhaust system consists of the following parts:

1) Exhaust manifold
The exhaust manifold has the task of combining the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine and directing them toward the catalytic converter or turbocharger.
2) Exhaust gas temperature sensor
Exhaust gas temperature sensors are indispensable in modern vehicles, as they protect components in the area of the hot exhaust gas stream from critical overheating.
3) Broadband probe
The lambda sensor is an instrument for controlling the exhaust gas of gasoline, diesel and gas engines.
4) Diesel particulate filter
The task of diesel particulate filters is to retain soot particles and fine dust in the exhaust gas stream of diesel vehicles and to convert these pollutants into CO2 during the regeneration phase.
5) Catalyst
The catalytic converter ensures that harmful exhaust gas components from internal combustion engines are converted into harmless gases.
6) Lambda probe
The lambda sensor is an instrument for controlling the exhaust gas of gasoline, diesel and gas engines. It measures the residual oxygen content of the exhaust gas and ensures optimum mixture composition.
7) Silencer
The silencers of an exhaust system have the task of reducing and damping the sounds.
8) Jump probe
The jump sensor is a type of lambda sensor that measures the differences in oxygen content between exhaust gas and ambient air and ensures optimum mixture composition.
9) Fastening technology
The task of the fastening technology is to connect the components of the exhaust system with each other and to fasten the entire exhaust system to the underbody of the vehicle.

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Exhaust system or parts for exhaust are widely used in several African countries such as Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Congo Brazzaville or Democratic Republic of Congo.
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The major tire brands are usually AS catalysts, Bosal, Eberspächer, Ernst, Fenno, Ferroz, HJS, Imasaf, NTY, JP Group, Walker. However, there are dozens of other brands of very good quality.

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