Nigeria Passport Application

Nigeria Passport Application Center in Germany

Nigeria Passport Application in Germany

Every Nigeria passport application is done online only. Applicants should follow the information below:

For all standard e-passport applicants

Direct to the passport application form

The Following instruments are put in place to guide the issuance of e-passports to Nigerians. All e-passport applicants must henceforth hand in the following documents in person:

  1. Formally written and signed application for first-time issuance, reissue of expired/expiring/lost  standard e-passport with or without change of data as applicable;
  2. Completed and signed online passport application form;
  3. Passport Payment slip;
  4. Pasport Acknowledgement slip;
  5. Appointment Slip
  6. Two passport photographs;
  7. must be duly completed. All the required details of the guarantor such as the telephone number, email address, passport photograph, residential address, passport data page must be provided as well. The guarantor form must accompany every application henceforth.

E-passport first-time applicants

Direct to the passport application form

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Certificate of Origin / Certificate of Identification from the applicant’s LGA in Nigeria.
  3. Copy of any other passport in the applicant’s possession
  4. Copy of residents’ registration document (Anmeldebestätigung)

E-passport reissue (renewal) cases:

Direct to the passport application form

  1. Original Copy of expiring/expired e-passport
  2. Copy of residence permit
  3. Copy of residents’ registration (Anmeldebestätigung)

Additional requirements for children

  1. Letter of consent written and signed by both biological parents
  2. Copies of both parents’ passport data pages

Lost Passport cases:

  1. Copy of lost passport data page showing passport number and date of issue
  2. Original copy of police report on the loss of passport
  3. Copy of residence permit or any other valid proof of residence in Germany
  4. Copy of residents’ registration document (Anmeldebestätigung)

Where can I submit my application and do the physical enrollment in Germany?

Nigeria Embassy Germany

Neue Jakobstrasse 4
10179 Berlin – Germany
Tel. +49 30 212 30 280 or 300
Fax +49 30 212 30 212


U2 – Märkisches Museum
U8 – Heinrich-Heine-Strasse
For more information click here:


Submission time: 10:00 am to 14:00 pm
Mondays to Thursdays

Consulate General of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria

Weissfrauenstrasse 12,
60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone.: +49 6969763728-0
Fax.:     +49 6969763728-521


Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 10 am. – 12 noon

Collection of Processed Passport:
Mondays and Wednesdays
From 13 pm.


Booklet Type AGE       0 – 17 AGE         18 – 59 AGE                 60+
32 Pages                            65 +12                94 + 12                   65 +1 2
64 Pages                           125 +12               125 +12                  125 + 12(Application only in Berlin)

Collection of Processed Passport the same day: Monday – Friday

Cash fee for urgent file processing to be paid to the Consulate General in Frankfurt: 150 Euros

How much is the Bantmann Trade & Consulting service fee for each passport application?

Service fees are established as follows:
– Finalization of the passport application on INNOVATE1
– Payment with our credit card of passport fees to NIS (Nigeria Immigration Service)
– Fixing the appointment
– Printing of required documents
The amount is 97.90 Euro for each passport application.