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Methods of payment

Zahlungsarten-Payment methods- Méthode de paiement

Accepted methods of payment

PayPal, credit card, prepayment, Viva Wallet, Western Union, Moneygram, OrangeMoney, MTN MoMo, purchase on account (only for B2B customers), cash on pickup

The payment method in advance requires a lot of trust

Some online stores still require payment in advance – especially for new customers. This means that first the money has to be transferred and only then the store sends the goods.

Customers must place a great deal of trust in the store to ensure that it really does act honestly.

If consumers have their order delivered to a local store, they have even more payment methods to choose from.

Thus, they can pay for the products in cash or choose to pay with the debit card they received from their bank.


PayPal, a U.S. company and former subsidiary of the U.S. company eBay, operates an online payment system under its brand name.

This e-wallet can be used as a micropayment system and to settle medium and small amounts, for example, when buying and selling online.

  • Transfer directly to our bank account. Please use the order number as reference. Your order will only be shipped after the money has been credited to our account.

  • Mit PayPal zahlen.

  • Bezahle mit deiner Kreditkarte.