Intact AGM Power AGM100 Battery

Intact Battery Power

IntAct Battery Power
The intAct-Battery-Power batteries convince with a perfect price-performance ratio as well as a complete product range.

New generation passenger car
The days of installing the wrong battery in the wrong car are over. The “New Generation” fully meets the requirements of all vehicles.

It is suitable for both older model vehicles and the latest prototypes (charging voltage up to 14.8 volts).

New generation – truck SHD
The new SHD is the right alternative for complex equipped heavy-duty vehicles. All three types are very powerful, maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

Super Heavy Duty, Vibration Resistant V3
SHD technology combines an optimal grid design with a micro glass fleece in a separator pocket.

This stable technology combined with extreme vibration resistance (V3) enables use even under the toughest conditions.

Glass nonwoven separator – more cycles, higher density
By using glass mat separators, the new SHD is better protected from possible deep discharge and associated sulfation.

The use of glass mat separators enables a 30% higher cycle life compared to conventional commercial vehicle batteries.

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