Shock Absorber Front Oil Opel Vectra A 1988-1995


The GH brand has been awarded the “Certified Data Supplier” signature as a TecDoc data supplier.

This is proof of the high quality of the data we regularly provide on our products.

GH is known all over the world for its shock absorbers.

But there is more to our product range.

Since 2004, cold-wound springs have been part of the range, and recently also wishbones, coupling rods, tie rod ends, suspension joints, brake discs and brake pads…

GH springs are made from high quality chlorine-silicon steel which is hardened by cleaning blasting.

As they are cold wound and powder coated, they are protected against corrosion.

They are also more elastic and durable. For this reason, the warranty period is 3 years for an unlimited number of kilometres.

For the production of wishbones, moulds made of cast iron as well as light alloys are used.

The quality of the casting is controlled by X-rays. All connecting elements are manufactured in an automated process, which guarantees high quality and durability of each wishbone. The warranty period for this product is one year.

The GH range has a wide range of wheel speed sensors both passive (inductive) and active (Hall effect).

By automating the main production stages, it managed to achieve a higher immunity to electromagnetic interference than sensors currently available on the market.

The use of only the highest quality materials and computer precision during production gave the effect of ABS sensors that detect the speed of almost zero and with very high accuracy.

That is why the Hall sensors manufactured by GH are also used in vehicles where the signal from the sensor controls ABS function to control tyre pressure.

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